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About WTU

WTU, its leadership and programs are a tribute to its illustrious history and remarkable growth. The Institute consists of three main departments: the TRAINING; the RESEARCH; and the CONSULTING.

WTU partner with community based organizations, local, state and federal government agencies, and universities to deliver the TRAINING programs, the RESEARCH works and the CONSULTING projects.

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International Co-operations

WTU continue seeking co-operation with International institutions to offer the learning opportunities to mature adults through the OFF-SHORE training programs.

Programs available are:

1.Chief Financial Officer Certificate

2.Chief Executive Officer Certificate

3.Senior Executive Research Diploma


WTU provides flexible, high-quality, continuing learning opportunities for self-directed adults.


WTU is established in the State of California. The Institute was founded for the purpose of providing diverse and alternative methods of achieving a continuing education of the highest quality for mature adults. To this end, the Institute seeks:

1.To provide learning opportunities of appropriate level and composition consistent with the aspirations of our students, the public welfare, and the highest qualitative standards of international training education.

2.To make available educationally valid learning opportunities which serve as alternatives to college classroom study and which are appropriate to the varied needs and learning styles of adults.

3.To develop and implement processes for the valid and reliable assessment of experiential and extra-collegiate college-level learning, and to provide appropriate academic recognition for knowledge so identified consistent with high standards of quality and rigor.

4.To serve higher education and the public interest as a center of innovation, information, policy formulation and advocacy on behalf of adult learners.

5.To fulfill the public service obligation inherent to American institutions of higher education.

6.To conduct its affairs in a manner which acknowledges the maturity, autonomy, and dignity of its students; assures a portal of access to higher education for adult learners; and celebrates the values, diversity and high qualitative standards of American higher education.

The Training

WTU also conducts custom courses upon request anywhere in the world or at our site. WTU has trained thousands of researchers and professionals through public and custom courses in the management skills and techniques. The Institute has a national and international reputation for intensive, rigorous training programs.

WTU course participants benefit from our philosophy of experiential, hands-on learning - whether it is writing a moderator's guide, moderating a focus group, analyzing a transcript or developing a qualitative research practice. The question of "How do I use this in the real world?" is eliminated, and replaced with "When I do this next time, I will..."

Download information about our programs:


Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of Other

guages (TESOL)








本校於2018年2月26日和厄瓜多爾聖格瑞大學Universidad San Gregorio在厄瓜多爾共和國波多維耶市聯合成立了華盛頓格瑞國際大學 Washington Gregorio International University.有本科、碩士‧博士班以及專業証照班。





6月22日,双方就合作办学等方面事宜进行了会谈,代表团介绍了北美教育情况、开展合作办学的模式及途径,重点介绍了美国林肯大学的办学情况。经商谈,双方在办学方式、学分互认、文凭发放、学习费用等方面达成共识,共同签署了 “中国皖西学院与美国林肯大学合作办学协议”备忘录和建立“皖西—华盛顿国际学术交流中心- Washington Technology University( 华盛顿科技大学)”备忘录。中国皖西学院与美国林肯大学合作办学备忘录,明确了我校与林肯大学在“3+1+1(高职、高专毕业生+一年国内本科课程+一年国外本科课程)、3+1(本科生三年国内本科课程+一年国外本科课程)联合培养、4+0.5+1硕士培养、本科生赴美带薪实习(大二、大三学生或毕业生)及皖西—华盛顿国际学术交流中心Washington Technology University( 华盛顿科技大学)EMBA培养等方面的合作意願。



我方華盛頓科技大學Washington Technology University 與厄瓜多爾Universisad San Gregorio de Portoviejo格瑞大學已于2018年2月26日在厄瓜多爾合作正式成立Washington Gregorio International University 華盛頓格瑞大學。